Fencing FAQ

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What are the best uses for a chain link fence?

Chain link is an extremely versatile type of fencing. It is commonly used for commercial and residential purposes, including lawns, playgrounds, and security fencing.

What are the best uses for wood fencing?

Wood fencing is durable and attractive. There are dozens of wood fencing types, the most common being post and rail and picket fencing. Wood fencing is an excellent choice as a privacy fence. Post and rail fencing can demarcate property lines or restrain livestock.

What are the best uses for vinyl fencing?

Vinyl fencing generally fills the same rolls and comes in the same varieties as wood fencing. However, vinyl fencing requires less maintenance because it doesn’t fade rapidly. If your looking for that picture-perfect white picket fence, a vinyl fence is a natural choice.

What are the best uses for decorative metal fencing?

Decorative metal fencing is extremely strong, long-lasting, and beautiful. It is most commonly used as security fencing and an accent piece for beautiful homes and properties.

Does Miller Fence repair fences and gates?

While we don't perform fence repairs, we can periodically perform maintenance on fences and gates in addition to new fence and gate installations. Call us for more information!